Sabarimala Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Sabarimala

Sabarimala experiences a pleasant climate all around the year that makes it an all-time tourist destination in Kerala. The ideal time to visit Sabarimala is from November to February which is also the peak festive time for this pilgrimage.


Summers in Sabarimala extends from March to May characterized by hot and dry climate with temperature ranging from minimum 24 degree to maximum 40 degree C. The humidity is also high but still the weather is not unbearable.


Monsoon season knocks at Sabarimala in June and continues till September with heavy rainfall. It is indeed a great time to capture the beauty of the lush green meadows and sun-kissed hill ranges and the rain drops make the place even more mesmeric and enticing.


The winters in Sabarimala lasts from November to February with a cool and pleasant climate. The temperature hovers between 17 degree and 32 degree C and it is indeed the best time to begin the renowned pilgrimage journey to the temple of Sabarimala.

Best Season : Sept to Apr. Temperature: Summer 23 to 35°C, Winter 17 to 32°C

Monthly Sabarimala Weather

Month May Jun Jul Aug Sep best time to visit sabarimala Oct best time to visit sabarimala Nov best time to visit sabarimala Dec best time to visit sabarimala Jan best time to visit sabarimala Feb best time to visit sabarimala Mar best time to visit sabarimala Apr best time to visit sabarimala
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High 32°C 30°C 29°C 30°C 30°C 30°C 31°C 32°C 32°C 32°C 32°C 33°C
Low 26°C 24°C 24°C 24°C 24°C 24°C 24°C 23°C 23°C 24°C 25°C 26°C