History of Ludhiana


Ludhiana boasts of an interesting history that is dated back to 1481 when this city was in the form of a small village called as Meer Hota. Various rulers of different dynasties such as the Guptas, Yodhas and Rajputs ruled over this place and thus the land was a mute witness to several historical battles. Later, the city got the name Ludhiana after the Lodhis who ruled here around 1480 AD. During the reign of Sikander Lodhi, the two Lodhi Chief named Yusaf Khan and Nihang Khan were sent here to restore order. They selected the present site of Ludhiana and Nihang Khan stayed at Mir Hota as the lieutenant of Emperor and named it as Ludhiana. Later in 1526, the Mughals captured the throne of Delhi and the city entered its second phase. In 1605, the city was dominated by the power of Sikhs and in 1798, Bedi Sahib Singh of Una attacked the region but the Rais didn’t allow him to capture the city. In 1809 Ranjit Singh brought considerable change in the history of Ludhiana and finally the British set up a cantonment here which got abandoned in 1854.