Culture of Ludhiana



Ludhiana boasts of a kaleidoscopic culture where people from almost all the states of India have settled here. The people are very fun-loving and enthusiastic and love to dine, wine and celebrate. They are very fond of music and dance. Giddha, Bhangra and Jhumar are the traditional dance forms of the place which are usually performed by the locals on various occasions.


Religion and Language

Ludhiana is mainly a city of Hindu and Sikh population. As Ludhiana is a religiously diverse metropolitan city, hence people of all the religions reside here with deep harmony and lively participate in all the cultural activities and celebrations. The main language of the city is Punjabi, Hindi and English.


Fairs and Festivals

Ludhiana is a land of various colorful fairs and festivals that showcase the cultural heritage of the city. The most important festivals celebrated here are Lohri, Baisakhi, Basant Panchami and Holi. Lohri is the major festival which is celebrated in December-January or the last day of Poh. Baisakhi is the harvest festival which is celebrated with great fanfare. Besides, a number of unique fairs such as Chhapar Mela, Roshni Mela, Jarag Mela and Kisan Mela are also organized in the city.



Ludhiana is acclaimed all over the globe for its tempting Tandoori cuisine in which huge earthen ovens are buried half in ground with a coal fire below it. Apart from tandoori delicacies like murg makhani, tandoori chicken, fish, paneer and marinated meat, the nans and paranthas are also quite popular among the tourists. In winters, the locals enjoy the famous makki ki roti with sarson ka saag. And yes, the authentic Punjabi meal is not complete without a glass of lassi and white butter.