Kapila Theertham, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh - Wonderful religious site with lots of natural splendor

Waterfall, Temple

This is a beautiful holy temple of Lord Shiva shrine, which is the only shrine situated in Tirupati. One can get to see a lovely waterfall near to this shrine of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Standing at the entrance of a huge cave, the temple is situated in one of the steep, vertical faces at the foot of Tirumala hills. Here, one can see the mountain stream waters, the PaapaVinasanam huge waterfall. There is a big stone statue of a seated Nandhi, greeting devotees and passerby at the temple entrance. It is said that one of the holiest Hindu saints, Saint KapilaMaharshi lived here, worshipped and meditated before Lord Shiva idol, and so the name was given, the Kapilatheertham. Theertham means a holy lake that formed because of the waterfalls.

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