Tirupati Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Tirupati

Tirupati experiences extreme climate with moderate monsoon and summer temperature reaching from 42 to 45 degree Celsius from the month of March to June. The month of July is the rainy season, followed by the winter climate that ranges from 10 to 18 degree Celsius till the end of February.


To enjoy a religious and a relaxing holiday, tourist can head their way to Tirupati to experience the sacredness and the green sceneries around the city year round. Irrespective of weather, Tirupati is visited year round by tourists around the world. With hot summers and quite pleasant winters, Tirupati temples are open for all year around.


The best time to visit this beautiful city is from the months of September to March. The ideal time for sightseeing can be recommended from October month to the month of March. One needs to be extra careful if he plans to visit this place in October and November, the time of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.  The months of April and May are quite intolerable, with hot climate, not suitable for outings. So, prior to visiting Tirupati, tourist can clarify and confirm the clothes to wear and the dress code, especially to visit the temples from the websites or the tourist information sites to pilgrimage places.

Best Season : Sep - Mar. Temperature: Summer 23 - 43°C, Winter 15 - 35°C

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Monthly Tirupati Weather

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