History of Kangra


Anciently known as Nagarkot and Trigarta, the history of Kangra dates back to about 3500 years ago when it was founded by Katoch Rajputs. In the beginning of 11th century, Mehmood of Ghazni got attracted by the enormous wealth of prestigious Kangra Fort and took away a vast treasure by conquering the valley. Later on, Feroz shah Tughlaq captured the Kangra Fort in 1337 which was recovered by Raja Purab Chand in 1351. This way, a number of invasions took place one after another to plunder this magnificent valley of Kangra. Not only Muslim Emperors but Gurkhas also occupied Kangra and merged it in Nepal. Later on British took hold on it in 1846 after first Anglo- Sikh War where it was constituted as a part of Punjab.


After the independence, it got merged in India by Raja Dhruv Dev Chand of Katoch dynasty and in November 1966, the splendid hill town of Kangra got separated from Punjab and became one of the most beautiful regions of Himachal Pradesh. In 1905m Kangra also got wrecked by a terrible earthquake that lead to severe loss of lives and riches but soon after the proud valley rose itself like a phoenix from ashes and despite all onslaughts and upheavals, it has never lost its unrivaled fame and matchless glory in the history of India.