Kangra Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Kangra

The picturesque valley of Kangra possesses a cool climate throughout the year. However, the months during heavy rainfall and snowfall should be avoided while planning your trip to Kangra.


In summers, basically from March to June, the temperature varies between 22degree C to 38 degree C. the weather is comparatively warm and is ideal for trekking.


The monsoon season begins from July to September when the valley experiences heavy rainfalls. Thus tourists should avoid visiting Kangra in July and August. After it, the lush green landscapes and scenic beauty of the valley is worth admiring.


Winters at the valley are really chilly and freezing when the temperature goes below 4 degree C. snowfalls may occur in the month of January leading to road blockades and accidents. Though winter is good time to enjoy the panoramic vista of snow clad peaks of the region.


However, the best time to visit Kangra is from March to June when weather is neither too hot nor too cold and also offers plenty for opportunities to the tourists to enjoy a number of adventurous sports and activities.

Best Season : March to Jun. Temperature: Summer 8 to 30°C, Winter -10 to 10°C

Monthly Kangra Weather

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