Kanchipuram Shopping


Shopping in the city is a wonderful experience for the shopping enthusiasts. Kanchipuram is a city famous for its silk products. The silk sarees are hand-woven having an excellent texture and are usually passed as an heirloom from a mother to her daughter. The borders of some of the Kanjeevarams are made from pure gold and silver threads.


Shopping in Kanchipuram for silk saris and fabrics can be done at handloom co-operatives who run their retail outlets.Apart from this, while shopping in Kanchipuram, one can also visit the Handlooms Weavers Service Center,but shopping in Kanchipuram is not only about Silk Sarees, for one can also buy decorative items, fruit baskets, jewelry boxes and idols of various Gods and Goddesses. Made up of stone, bronze, copper, stone and jute, they can be proved as good souvenirs and gifts to take along home.