Culture of Kanchipuram



The major occupation of the people in Kanchipuram is silk sari weaving and agriculture. The main industries are cotton production, light machinery and electrical goods manufacturing, and food processing. As far as the nature is concerned, the people are god-fearing, simple living and kind by heart.


Religion and Language

Kanchipuram is traditionally a centre of religious education for the Hinduism, Jainismand Buddhism faiths. The Hindu educational system gained prominence with Sanskrit emerging as the official language.Tamil is the widely spoken language beside English and Telugu.


Fairs and Festivals

There are fairs and festivals all round the year at Kanchipuram. Some important festivals include the Brahmothsavam, Garudothsavam, and Car (rath) festivals, which are held in the months of January, April, and May respectively.One of the most important festivals here is Pongal which is celebrated with delicious feast and religious prayers and processions in the month of January. Brahmothsavam and MahaShivratri are also famous festivals and in the month of April, the festival of Garudothsavam is celebrated with great fervor and frolic.



It is a land of delicious idli, dosa, sambar and rasam which has gained extreme popularity not in India but across the globe.Tamilian's staple diet is steamed rice along with grains, lentils and vegetables.The local food in Kanchipuram has a devoted fan following. After all it's not easy to ignore the lure of the cheap but fantastic local and street food of Kanchipuram.