Jelepla Pass, Nathula, Sikkim - An exciting mountain pass connecting Lhasa to India

Lakes, Mountaineering, Scenic, Trekking

Perched at a high altitude of 13999 feet, Jelepla Pass is another exciting mountain pass near Nathula. It stretches between India and Tibet in East Sikkim and is referred as the ‘lovely level pass’ by the Tibetan as it is the easiest pass of all the passes that lie between Sikkim and Tibet. The Jelepa Pass is about 46 meters in length and connects Lhasa to India. While crossing across the pass, the tourists can enjoy the overwhelming view of the famous Menmecho Lake that flows below this pass. The entire route is endowed with scenic bounties equipped with lush green forests of rhododendrons that bloom in the season of spring. The pass further leads to the Chumbi Valley on the Tibetan side.

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