Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial, Nathula, Sikkim - A sacred site and samadhi

Monuments, Temple

Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial is a sacred site that lies on the route between Nathula and Jelepla Pass and a number of people visit this site. The place is said to be wish- fulfilling and hence several devotees bring the holy waters at this place while returning back from Nathula. The legend associated with this temple is dated back to 35 years back when Sepoy Harbhajan Singh of Punjab regiment went missing when he was leading a pack of mules from his battalion and his body was later on found after three days. It is said that he himself led the soldiers there and also told them in their dreams to build a shrine at the place in his memory. Thus, a Samadhi was raised here and people also say that Baba still visit the place every night and takes his rounds. The temple is considered as a sacred place for the locals and soldiers of the region.

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