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About Nathula

about Nathula

Nathula, recognized as one of the highest dive roads all across the globe, is a thrilling mountain pass located in Sikkim. Once served as a part of ancient silk route, the Nathula Pass is nestled in the snow- clad Himalayas bordering China and India. Nathula is presently one of the famous tourist destinations in East India and a number of pilgrims pass through this pass to visit several religious shrines located in the vicinity. However, foreign visitors are not allowed to visit the place.


The name Nathula is derived by two words- ‘Nathu’ means listening ears and ‘La’ means pass and it is also spelled as Natula. It has been an important trading route before 1962 when it was banned during the Indo- China War but again opened in 2006 and it is now the only pass through which goods are transported between India and China.


Travelling to the Nathula Pass is certainly and incredible travel in itself. To climb up to the pass is an exhilarating experience for any traveler as the entire route from Gangtok to Nathula is dotted with several cascading waterfalls,, gorging valleys, lush greenery and heart- throbbing sceneries enveloped by the snowy Himalayan ranges that would cast a divine spell around your mind and body. It lies at an elevation of 14000 feet above sea level and hence contains many sinking zones. The taxis and private vehicles are required to stop a few km away from the pass and then the travelers have to climb the steps to reach the Nathula pass which are guarded by both Indian and Chinese soldiers. The pilgrims from India and China also pass through the place to take a visit to various Hindu and Buddhist sites located across the region. While taking a trekking tour from Gangtok to Nathula, the visitors come across various beautiful sites and natural attractions. However during winters the route is blocked for the visitors due to heavy snowfall. So, come and feel the charisma and excitement of reaching the heights of the seventh heaven.

Nathula Fast Facts

City: Nathula

State: Sikkim

Country: India

Famous for/as: Mountaineering, Scenic


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