Donsol, Philippines - Scenic Beauty

Scenic, Snorkeling

Until the 'discovery' of whale sharks off the seashore here in 1998, Donsol, about 45km southwest of Legaspi, was an ambiguous, sleepy fishing township in one of Sorsogon's more isolated areas. In 1998 a local diver shot a video of the whale sharks and a newspaper conceded a story about Donsol's gentle butanding. Since then, Donsol has become one of the Philippines' most well-liked tourist places. It's truly an invigorating experience swimming alongside with these huge blue-grey, silver-spotted creatures. You need to be an upright snorkeler and in moderately good shape to keep up with the sharks. During the months of February to May, one will get to see countless sharks diving and amusing the visitors.

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