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Philippines Food


Though the Philippines have a wealth of fresh seafood and a wide range of luscious tropical fruit, the daily food of the common people tends to lackluster. With a few exceptions, such as Bicol and the Muslim areas of the south, the seasoning isn't highly spiced. Native cooks have, though, devised some delicious recipes using ingredients such as coconut milk, jackfruit, garlic, and ginger. An abnormal feature of Filipino cooking is the amalgamation of chief ingredients, e.g., chicken and shrimps, and pork and fish. Soups like sinigang and tinola are appetizing, as is well-prepared lechon. An array of sweet morsels is made from gummy rice, while halo-halo is a common dessert based on layers of conserved or sweetened fruit, gelatin, custard, and crushed ice. The extraordinary halo-halo is topped by a scoop of ice cream. So while Filipino dishes not often reach sublime heights, it's likely to enjoy pleasing meals, accompanied by the outstanding local beer, rum, or coffee.