Travel Within Philippines


Based on the verity that the Philippines consist of more than 7000 islands, travelers to the Philippines must in due course cross some water. There are myriad boat connections between the isles in the Philippines. Short distances are usually covered by small boats without cabins. Colorful jeeps or jeepneys, as they are usually called by the locals, are main means of road transport in the Philippines. Jeepneys are essentially extensive old army jeeps with enclosed rear where two longitudinal benches are installed.


There are myriad buses linking all main and smaller cities in the Philippines. Some of the buses, e.g. in the Cordillera, are old, tired, uncomfortable and clearly sluggish, while others, e.g. the buses connecting Manila with other better cities, be apt to be newer, air-conditioned and practically comfortable. The streets of smaller towns in the Philippines are generally flooded with motorise) tricycles. Tricycles are very useful means of transportation on short routes within towns. Obviously the tariffs for foreigners are not fixed so negotiating skills are necessary. Always make sure to agree on the price before beginning your ride. Major airlines in the Philippines are Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific and Philippines Airlines and domestic air services are quite well organized within the realm.