Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines - Scenic Beauty


Banaue is tantamount with Luzon’s most famed emblem, the Unesco World Heritage–listed Ifugao rice terraces, engraved out of the hillsides using ancient tools and an ingenious irrigation system over 2000 years ago. The Ifugao by no means had domination on rice terraces in the Cordillera, but they were debatably the best sculptors, as the compelling display overlooking Banaue implies. Banaue itself – a tattered collection of tin-roofed buildings along a crest – often spoils things for those looking for a faultless holiday moments. The Ifugao are almost as famed for statuette wood as they are for carving earth into green, fluffy, rice-bearing steps. One will be able to find countless locally made carvings and other crafts in the shops neighboring the main plaza.

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