Bohol, Philippines - Scenic Beauty

Sailing, Scenic, Scuba Diving, Wildlife

The striking Philippine isle of Bohol is a natural marvel, flawlessly fortified from the vicious weather that afflictions many of the other nearby islands by being shielded on all sides, and so able to grow undisturbed into a perfect charming centre of scuba diving, sailing, Tasiers, and animal watching. The implausible Chocolate Hills – debatably Bohol’s biggest draw – poke like giant molehills through the jungle canopies, more than 1,000 of them dictating a unreal skyline on what - myth has it - is a district fashioned by ancient giants barraging each other with handful of sand. Bohol is thought to be an island which used to be sunken in water, which explains why there are a number of subversive caves in this area. A well-liked grotto to go to is the Hinagdanan caves in Panglao Island.

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