Philippines Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Philippines

The weather of the Philippines is characterized by three seasons. The cool season is most evident in the last two months of the year, when typical temperatures dip to 25°C. This is a busy season for domestic journey with locals en route to family get-togethers dominating the airways and buses during the Christmas season. Important numbers of international tourists also arrive at this time of year, as the overall climate is very enjoyable. Temperatures ascend during the following months with annual highs between March and May. The hottest days can see temperatures scale to 35°C. If you stopover at this time, it's wise to plan your activities around the heat of the day with an inside alternative between late morning and early afternoon. The heat subsides at higher altitudes, and many tourists enjoy visiting Baguio in the Cordillera mountain range throughout this time.


In June, the monsoon season begins and typically reaches its climax in April. Typhoons aren't unusual this time of year, and while these weather patterns pretense few threats to visitors, flight cancellations and closed roads can cause difficulties to travel arrangements. With this in mind, it's best to shun visiting the Philippines between the months of June and October.

Best Season : Jun to Oct. Temperature: Summer 24 to 35°C, Winter 19 to 23°C