Culture of Darjeeling



Lepchas or Rongpa were the original inhabitants of Darjeeling. The Khampas and the Gorkhas are the major part of the population in Darjeeling. The people of Darjeeling mainly are warrior-like and very hard-working too. Other most commonly found people in the city are Bhutias, Sherpas and the Bengalee.


Language and religion

The main languages spoken in Darjeeling are Nepali, English, Bengali and Hindi. Nepali is very common to most of the people. Few other tribes also make use of Tibetan for mutual conversation.


If we talk of religions in Darjeeling, then one can see a perfect mingle of all the religions here. Therefore, people of all the religions are found in Darjeeling but the main religions are Hinduism, Buddhism and also Christianity.



What to say about the food of Darjeeling? It is simply wonderful and delicious. The main mouth-watering dishes that form common menu of Darjeeling food are Momos, Thupkas, Aludum, Shaphalay, Tibetan Tea and Tongba. Among these all, the most delicious one is Momos which is meat dumplings and served with soup and pickle.


Festivals, Art and Music

Though all the festivals of different religions are celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm but then also the most common ones are Diwali, Durga Puja, Maha Shivratri, and many more. Also, many folk dances are performed on the folk songs among which the main are Damfu, Chabrung, Maruni, Jhowre, etc.