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Darjeeling Food


In Darjeeling, the main worries of a trip – what and where to eat is not at a problem. There are number of wonderful and excellent restaurants and small eateries that offer a wide varieties of local and different kind of cuisines also. Exploring Darjeeling inhaling the sweet fragrance of eucalyptus, tea and also oranges plantation is also supposed to be incomplete without tasting the mouth-watering momos and also hot thukpa.


Though you will see the most of the restaurants managed by the local people mainly Tibetans and Nepalis, yet you get the delicious Chinese and Continental cuisines also. Also, if you want to taste the local food of Darjeeling which mainly comprises of Momos, wai wai, thukpa, Churpee, then also you will get at all the restaurants there.


The most famous restaurants in Darjeeling are the Penang for the Pork Momos, Soaltee for the Mutton Momos, Mahakali Hotels famous for the Bengali thalis, Keventers restaurant if you need pork items, hotdogs and burgers, Glenary Restaurant for cakes, ice-creams, cinnamon buns, etc and also Dekevas restaurant is there for you which offers wonton soup, tsampa roasted barley, momos, etc.


Therefore, during yr visit to Darjeeling, you must try the famous and delicious cuisines of Nepal and Tibet. But, top of the all, don’t forget to take a refreshing sip of tea in the afternoon to make your mood wonderful!!