Chennai Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Chennai

Weather condition in Chennai does not faces severe variations as it is located in vicinity to equator line. Therefore, Chennai undergoes through moderate climate throughout the year.


The summers in Chennai are too hot, humid, sticky and quite unbearable. The temperature during this season even goes beyond 40°C which is too high. The summer months in Chennai are April and May which must be avoided for the visit especially by the people who can’t bear summer season.


Monsoons in Chennai bring great relief after summers falling the temperature to 20°C but not less than that. The months that faces monsoon season in Chennai are from October to December. Therefore, these are the months during which one could see flocks of tourists roaming here and there.


Winters in Chennai are quite pleasant as compared to summers. The temperature revolves between 18°C and 20°C in winters which is bearable. The winter months in Chennai are from November to February which is very short period but are the coolest months of the year.


The best time to visit Chennai is between the November and February. January is the most coolest and pleasant month to be visited in Chennai. As the temperature chart of any destination plays great role in making your trip success, so is the case with Chennai. It is better to visit Chennai during winters.

Best Season : Nov - Feb. Temperature: Summer 22 to 42°C, Winter 18 to 32°C

Monthly Chennai Weather

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