History of Bikaner


Dating back to 1488 A.D., the history of Bikaner is very interesting and enthusiastic. In the year 1488, Rao Bikaji, one of the five sons of Rao Jodhaji, came here in the barren land to establish kingdom of his own. His father forced him to leave the palace of Jodhpur and thus, he decided to make a move towards “Jungladesh”. Gradually, with his effective skill of ruling and efficiency, he converted the barren land into well-developed city named “Bikaner”.As per excavations done here, it has been proved that the city flourished at a very rapid pace and this fact became evident with the artifacts dug out in form of coins and carvings.


Bikaner has undergone through various interesting chapters of history. According to past history, it is believed that at the initial stage of kingdom established by the Rao Bikaji, he had to face various conflicts with the Bhati tribe and the conflicts remained till he got married to the daughter of head of Bhati family named Rao Shekha. Later on, the kingdom went into the hands of most efficient ruler named Maharaja Ganga Singh. Under his ruling period, the “Ganga Canal” was constructed that solved the water problem to great extent.