Culture of Bikaner



People of Bikaner are ethnic, fun-loving and jovial by their nature. They used to be commonly seen in their traditional wear especially, men having turbans on their head. People of Bikaner are very fond of their traditions and cultures and this is quite evident by seeing their passion towards folk dances and music.


Language and Religion

Mainly, Rajasthani is the local language spoken by the people of Bikaner. Other than this, Hindi is also commonly used by the people there and for conversing with tourists, English is also used by many of the people.


Hinduism is the main religion followed in Bikaner. Other than Hindus, one can also see people belonging to different tribes and religions live together with great harmony and peace.



Food of Bikaner mainly consists of dry dishes as it is one of the driest places of Rajasthan. Like, you will find delicious dishes like khata, papad, Gatte ki sabji, mangodi, etc. Bikaner is also famous for its Mangodi and Papad. Other than spicy, desserts of Bikaner are also very tasty and must-try ones. Overall, food of Bikaner is really very tasty and mouth-watering.


Local Festivals, Music and Art

One of the famous festivals in Bikaner is Camel Festival, which is not only famous in India but is renowned internationally. Other main festivals of Bikaner are Gangaur Festival, Kolyat Fair, Kapil Muni Fair, Karni Mata Fair, etc.


Music and art of Bikaner completely revolves round traditions and there are so many music communities in the city to present their music talent and among them, the main communities are Jogis, Bhopas, Dhadhies, etc.