Bhandasar Jain Temple, Bikaner, Rajasthan - Intricate interior work

Temple, Scenic

A perfectly laid three-storied building in Bikaner!! Yes here, one of the famous temples of Bikaner named Bhandasar Jain Temple is on discussion. The construction of the temple was initiated by Bhandasa Oswal in the year 1468 but got finalized in 1514. It is really an architectural marvel dedicated to 5th Jain Tithankar named Suminath. All the three stories of the temple are highly adorned with intricate interiors, wall paintings and beautiful designs. Gold inlay work deserves here special mention as it is one of the finest works done and tourists would get astonished by seeing this type of rarely done work in this temple. Also, the location of this temple in peaceful environment makes you feel refreshed and energetic.

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