History of Ajmer


Dating back to 7th century, history of Ajmer is very rich and interesting. Ajaipal Chauhan was the main founder of this sacred city. He named the city as “Ajaimeru” or “Invincible Hill”. His efforts to build this hill resort were quite appreciating in the history of India as it was the first hill resort of entire country. Chauhan rulers were continued to be the rulers for long time till 1193 and he lost the city to Mohammad Ghori was the next ruler of Ajmer and at the time of his attack, Ajmer was in hand of PrithvirajChauhan.


Thus after the stronghold of Chauhan rulers, the reign of Ajmer passed over to different dynasties such as from Mughals to Rajputs and many more. At last, Akbar got proved to be strong ruler of Ajmer in 1556. Finally, Mughals lost Ajmer to Marathas among which the highlighted name was that of the Scindias of Gwalior. Unfortunately, in 1818, British rule began to dominate Ajmer as it was sold to them and Ajmer-Merwara Province got originated. By establishing the effective and excellent education institutes like Mayo College, Ajmer took the first step towards development. The city remained the part of province till 1950 even after Independence of India.