Culture of Ajmer



People of Ajmer are very religious and highly socialized. Just because of this quality, they used to offer equal importance to both the main pilgrims – one of Hindu and other of Muslim. Also, people of Ajmer are soft-spoken and very polite by their behavior.



Food of Ajmer leaves great impression on those who tried it even once during their lifetime. It is quite delicious and tasteful and comprises of lots of delicious dishes. If fond of Indian snacks then also you will get here many things like Kadhi – Pakoda, Kachori, Samosa, Dal-Pakwan, etc. Lots of restaurants are there to offer different cuisines in front of you.


Languages and religions

Broadly, one could see people making use of Hindi, Urdu and Rajsthani for mutual conversation. But, English and Sindhi are also used by many people for conversation.Spotted with the main pilgrimages of Hindus and Muslims, it is very clear that the dominating religions in Ajmer are Hindus and Muslims. But, Christian people are also equally seen in Ajmer.


Local festivals, music and art

Urs of KhwajaMoinddin Chisti is the main festival celebrated in Ajmer city every year. Basically, this festival is celebrated with full fervor in the May month of every year. It is used to conduct at the Dargah of the Sufi Saint and active participation of all the people of Ajmer makes it more colorful and enjoyable. Other festivals celebrated in Ajmer are Holi, Diwali, Christmas, etc.