Ajmer Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Ajmer

Ajmer faces a typical semi-arid climate or just desert type of climate. Though the whole year, it does not remain the same but covers most of the months of a year.


Summers in Ajmer are very hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 28°C to 40°C which is too high and very sweaty. The months that face hot summers fall in between April and June. Therefore, those who hate perspiration must avoid this climate to visit Ajmer.


Winters in Ajmer are quite nippy and freezing. The temperature varies from 5°C to 18°C. from the months November to March, Ajmer city faces winter season.


Monsoons in Ajmer bring greenery and fresh cool breeze which is quite helpful in getting relaxed from hot scorching sun of summer season. The temperature falls to great extent and the city faces about medium to heavy rainfall. Monsoon in Ajmer begins from August and continues till October.


The best time to explore Ajmer is from October to March. During this time period, the climatic condition is quite enjoyable and pleasant. Therefore, it is advisable to visit this sacred city after monsoon season and in the beginning of winter season. 

Best Season : Oct to March. Temperature: Summer 26 to 41°C, Winter 3 to 32°C

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Monthly Ajmer Weather

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