Visapur Fort, Lonavala, Maharashtra - Trekking and adventurous activities and massive fort

Trekking, Scenic, Picnic, Palace, Fort

Visapur Fort is situated at 15 km away from Lonavala and this wonderful site is placed at a height of 3500 feet above the sea level. Reaching the Visapur fort is also an exciting trekking route for adventurous lovers. In the east side of this gigantic fort, you can see the Lohagarh fort and Bhaja Caves and is enclosed with large plateau. According to some legends and evidence, ChathrapathiShivaji built this historical fort to keep an eye on activities taking place in the plains and villages located downhill. Tourists from all over the globe love to explore this exciting landmark during monsoon months when the beauty of this place is marvelous. 

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