Tsuglaghang Complex, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh - Impressive surroundings of museum, monastery, library, restaurant, etc.


The Tsuglagkhang in Dharamshala is the blessed building complex that encloses the house of the Dalai Lama, the religious person in charge of the Tibetan administration in exile. The complex is developed into a place near McLeodganj and is unnoticed by the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Abundant pine forests present the natural loveliness and its ambiance offers an ideal tranquility. Tsuglagkhang Complex surrounds a monastery, a Tibetan museum, a self-service restaurant, and library, entreaty wheel and Buddhist shrines, apart from the imperial but simple dwelling of the religious saint. Visitors are allowed to move anyplace into the multifaceted complex without any obstacle and difficulty.


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