Travel Within Kedarnath


Due to the steep climb Kedarnath is the least accessible of all the four Dhams,the climb can be done on ponies or horses. Ponies or horses are easily available on rent  from Gaurikund, the moment someone reach Gaurikund people who owns ponies will ask u whether u need a pony, do not commit to them bargain on the rates make sure that the pony has rested well before u start  for it’s a very steep climb. It is better to book the ponies from the office because the pony they give is good in health. The older people even take doli, which is carried by four hired people. Kedarnath is approachable on foot from Gaurikund, which is just 14km from Kedarnath. Other than foot and ponies, the journey to Kedarnath can also be done via helicopter andmany private operator offers helicopter services.