History of Surat


History of Surat goes very interesting as it begins right from the era of Mahabharata, one of the famous epics of Hindus, which dates back to more than 3000 B.C. It was at time only, Lord Krishna stayed in Surat with his beloved cows at the time when going from Mathura to Dwarka. “Gai Pagli” is the place in Surat which still has foot prints of cows.


As the time passes, the city was explored by Hiuen Tsang and he addressed the city as Sowrata and one of the main business towns in India. After some time, during the 13th century, the Brahmin intellectuals named Surat as Suryapur. Finally, as per one legend, the place was named to Surat by a Muslim ruler.


Gradually, in 16th century, Surat had started taking the shape of a business center and began to make a way towards the progress and prosperity. The British, the Portuguese, the French and the Dutch were the main people who had an eye over Surat for commencing their business here and they succeed. Britishers took over the entire control over Surat in 19th century and then, Surat had faced lots of ups and downs. But after Independence, Surat got reorganized and came out with great business city of the world.