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Surat Food


Surat being one of the big cities of Gujarat offers great varieties of cuisines especially, well-known for its different and delicious cuisine named Surti Cuisine. In this cuisine, one gets the mix taste of hot, sweet, spicy and pungent too. Gujarati people are famous for their fondness of delicious food and so is the case with the people of Surat. The main lip-smacking dishes of Surat are Theplas, farsans, laddoos and Kadhis. You will get amazed by seeing Surat people eating greedily different types of food. Also, the most interesting feature of Surti cuisine is that all the meals here are accompanied with tea. Ponk, Ghari, Undhiyo and Locho also complete the Surti cuisine. There are so many restaurants in Surat to satisfy your greed as well as tummy. In Gujarat, bars are strictly closed and so, one could not even find a single shop selling alcohol and liquor.


The main places to eat in Surat are Flow, Coffee Culture, Ziba, Sizzling Salsa, Main land China, Dil se re restaurant, taste of India, Little Italy, Village, Crystal Lounge, Sugar n Spice, Sasuma, Spice Restaurant, Choki Dhani, Lakeview, Pizza Hut, Momo station, Midday Munchies, Nanawadi Chicken and many many more.