Suraj Kund, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh - Its curing water


Built in the 15th century, SurajKund is one of the main attractions in Gwalior. This water reservoir is situated in the Gwalior Fort and is visited by all the visitors to this fort. This Kund is not only famous as an attraction but is also popular for its curing water. Lots of legends are attached to this kund and according to one famous legend, it is believed that Raja Suraj Sen was cured by the Sage Gwalipa with the help of the water of this tank. The king in order to pay gratitude towards the saint, constructed the Suraj Tank and the named the city after him. Even today, people of Gwalior believes that the water of the tank still carries medicated features which are helpful in curing leprosy and skin diseases. 

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