History of Gwalior


History of Gwalior is very interesting and appealing being one of the ancient cities of India. Gwalior’s history dates back to 5th century and also worldwide famous for its music and architecture. It is evident from the celebration of Tansen music festival held every year in Gwalior.


It is believed that Gwalior was set up by the King Suraj Sen. He was suffering from leprosy which was cured by the saint named “Gwalipa”. It is only after him that the city got its name. This is how the origin of the city occurred. The ancient history of Gwalior completely revolves round the main regal dynasties of that era such as Kachhwaha dynasty, Slave dynasty, Tomar dynasty, Mughals and the Marathas. Among all the ruling dynasties, the first one was the KachhwahaRajputs, who ruled over the city for the longest time. Then, consequently followed by Tomars, Mughals, Scindias and finally, the city lost to the British.


Gwalior got highly highlighted in the history of India at the time of 1857 revolt which was held to get rid of the British rule. The entire event was under the control of Tantia Tope and Rani LaxmiBai but unfortunately, they got defeated by the British. After Independence, Gwalior has been continuously upgraded economically and reaches to new level of industrial growth.