Samco Ropeway, Kalimpong, West Bengal - Wonderful views just from ropeway ride

Trekking, Scenic

Only word “Ropeway” is more than enough to develop feeling of excitement in you!! Visitors to Kalimponglove to be at this place as many times as they get a chance. Located at the distance of 20 kms from Kalimpong, Samco Ropeway was built by the Christian missionaries in order to summon the Lepcha people to the SamtharSuruk and to propagate the gospel. After reaching this point covering an area of 120 feet high, people would love to capture the mind-boggling views of hamlets sited on the hillocks, the Samthar Plateau, Himalayas’ Forests and stunning picturesque of valleys. Therefore, the place is actually a delight for the nature lovers.


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