History of Kalimpong


History of Kalimpong is as interesting as the hill station is!! The beautiful hill station has gone through lots of chapters of its historical past and has a very glorious past too.


Prior to1865, the place was famous as Dalingkot and was under the control of Bhutanese and Sikkimese rulers. But, in 1706, Bhutanese captured the entire region and named it as Kalimpong and Lepcha tribes covered the major section of entire population of the place. Gradually, Bhutia and Limbu tribes also came here to reside. Then, in 1780, Kalimpong was captured by Gorkhas. Finally, the Anglo-Bhutan War that took place in 1864 as a result of which the possession of Kalimpong came into the hands of Bhutan kingdom. At the time when Kalimpong was merged into the British East India Company, it was a small tiny village serving home to only four to five families and their cattle. As the time passes by, it emerges into a marvelous destination serving summer capital for the British. They used to dominate over the area for more than 150 years and during their reign, the growth and development of Kalimpong had taken place with a remarkable pace!! At present, Kalimpong comes under the district – Darjeeling of West Bengal!!