History of Ranchi


In early stages the Ranchi district was named as Loharadaga. The district came into existence as a result of the rising of Kol in 1831-32. The name of the place was then changed as Ranchi after the name of the village. In earlier days, Ranchi was under the rule of Munda and Oraon and it was known as “Forest territory” to the Aryans. During the fifth century A.D the district was under the rule of Chotanagpur Raj. After the fall of Guptas, Nag dynasty took over the rule. In 1550’s the muslin penetrated into rule. But in 1600’s after the death of Akbar, Ranchi regained its freedom.  In 1840’s Ranchi also had concern towards several Christian missions which played a vital role in the development of the education in Ranchi.


In 2000, the government of Jharkhand was framed. The hockey captain of Indian team in Olympics 1928 articulated that southern Bihar should break up into a separate state. People were also convinced with their identity of being a separate state.  Then Jharkhand was recognized to be a separate state and Ranchi was declared as its capital. It consists of several districts: Deograh, Giridih, Pakure, Plamau, Dumka, Dhanbad and Kodarma.