Ranchi Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Ranchi

Ranchi has a sub-tropical climate. It has a weather where the humidity is very less and it is dry. The summer season of Ranchi is very friendly. In summer the temperature ranges from 20° to 37° Celsius. The nights of the summer months are quite contented because of the height in which it is situated.


In winter the temperature varies from 10° to 22° Celsius. It is quite comfortable for people to sweat during the winter season. The nights are cold and use of blankets becomes a must because of the chillness. Invariable of the summer and winter there is little rainfall in the city.


The monsoon season extends from June to September. The monsoon brings average rainfall to the city. Best time to visit: The best time to visit the city is from October to May. There is a pleasant weather with low humility and low temperatures. But the city has tourists visiting it throughout the year because of its high altitude. Except in the month of June, July and August, the climate is very pleasant all through the year.

Best Season : Sep - May. Temperature: Summer 16 - 36°C, Winter 1 - 38°C

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Monthly Ranchi Weather

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Low 22°C 22°C 19°C 14°C 10°C 10°C 12°C 17°C 21°C 23°C 24°C 23°C