Culture of Pushkar



People of Pushkar are really very polite and of helping nature. They are also very soft at their heart and jovial by nature. One coming in touch, you will sure love to spend more time with them.


Language and Religions

Basically, the people of Pushkar make use of Hindi and Rajasthani for mutual conversation. You will also see perfect use of English by many people as lots of foreigners are found in this holy town. Among the religions, priority is given to Hinduism. A dip in Pushkar Lake has a great significant place in Hindu’s life.



Food in Pushkar is very tasty and mouth watering. There are lots of restaurants in the city to offer you top quality food and one can get here all types of different cuisines and liquors. The famous menu here is spaghetti, bakes potatoes, pizza, etc.


Local Festivals, Art and Music

The main local festival of Pushkar is Pushkar Mela. Other than this mela, other fascinations of Pushkar are Camel Fair, Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, Cattle trading, Camel Racing and many more. During all these festivals, the beauty and charisma of this holy town reaches cloud nine. Also, one can see wonderful performances of cultural dances and music at the time of famous festivals in Pushkar.