Pushkar Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Pushkar

Pushkar of Rajasthan basically faces hot and temperate climate throughout the year as it is situated in the hottest belt of Rajasthan near Ajmer. But then also, one can enjoy his visit to this holy place during the month October to March when the climate is bit favorable.


Summers in Pushkar are very hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 25°C to 40°C which is really unbearable. Thus, it is better to avoid going there in proper summer season. The months from March to July faces the complete summer season in Pushkar.


Monsoons in Pushkarare scanty and not face heavy rainfall even during the monsoon season. Thus, the city faces average rainfall and low rainfall increases humidity all over. Therefore, it is also not wise to there during this season. The monsoon months in Pushkar begins from August and ends till September.


Winters in Pushkar are very enjoyableand pleasurable. During this season, the temperature varies between 8°C to 22°C which is pleasant one. The months that faces winter season are from October to February.


Therefore, the best time to visit Pushkar is from October to March. During this time period, you can see Pushkar completely crowded with lots of tourists.

Best Season : Oct to March. Temperature: Summer 25 to 45°C, Winter 8 to 22°C

Monthly Pushkar Weather

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