Panchpula, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh - Picnicking and day-excursion

Scenic, Picnic, Monuments

Panchpula is also one of the main destinations of Dalhousie located only at the negligible distance of 3 kms. Literally, the word “Panchpula” means five bridges and among all the five, the Panchpula stream is the core one which fulfills the entire water supply to the city. One could also see a monument at the spot where all the five stream merges and this monument was erected to show gratitude towards Sardar Ajit Singh. The spot is quite wonderful with mesmerizing scenes and also one could find their lots of means of refreshment there in form of tea stalls and small restaurants. Therefore, don’t miss this awesome spot during your visit to Dalhousie!!

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