History of Ooty


John Sullivan is the man behind the discovery of Ooty and he was the only man who felt the charm of this hill station very majestic. To share his overwhelming feeling, he brought this charismatic destination before eye of public. So, the year 1819 is one of the most important years in the tourism as this city of Tamil Nadu was visited by John Sullivan for the first time. He was the man to build the first house in Ooty named the Stone House. In the year 1818, there were other two famous personalities who also made their visit to this beautiful city namely – J.C.Whish and N.W.Kinderseley. But, John Sullivan identified the beauty of this magnificent place and offered great help to tourist industry to identify the most beautiful destination of the present era. The route laid to reach to Ooty is also a major part of its history. Basically, there are three significant years in the Ooty’s history in which the route was decided and they are – 1821, in which the foremost route was decided to Nilgiri from Coimbatore; in 1832, first Coonoor ghat road was constructed and finally, in 1871, latest metaled Ghat road was constructed. This road provides connectivity between Kallar and Coonor and has only a distance of 25 kilometers between them. Gradually, this city had taken the shape of renowned hill station of Tamil Nadu in India.