Mawsmai Falls, Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - Cascading waterfall, cave exploration

Waterfall, Scenic, Picnic, Caves, Bird Watching

Renowned as the fourth highest waterfall in the country, the beautiful Mawsmai Falls is situated a few km from the town of Cherrapunji. Plunging down a height of about 1035 feet, this waterfall is also known as the ‘seven sisters falls’ because when it runs down the limestone cliffs, it gets divided into seven smaller waterfalls. This wonderful cascading waterfall offers a visual retreat for the visitors when the water reflects the sun rays giving out vibrant colors in all the directions. One of the most striking attractions nearby the fall is the Mawsmai Cave that offers an exciting exploring destination for the adventure enthusiasts. It is a 150 m long cave which is formed by dripping water on the rocks and is a wonderful creation of nature.

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