Kundala Lake, Munnar, Kerala - Best for day excursion and to captivate panoramic views

Scenic, Picnic, Lakes, Boating

Kundala Lake is great fascination of Munnar. Kundala is located only at the distance of 27 kms from Munnar and the beauty of this place is at the fullest with a dam named the Kundala Arch Dam and a lake named the Kundala Lake. This spot is situated at the top reaching to an altitude of about 1700 m above the sea level. The main charm of this Kundala Lake is the boat, available for boating, named Shikara. Shikara boats available here in Munnar makes you remember the Shikara of Kashmir. The beauty of the Kundala Lake is quite mesmerizing and the Kundala Dam and the Kundala Tea Plantations add a different color to your visit!!!

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