History of Kozhikode


During the ancient time only, Kozhikode was the main hub of visitors. Therefore, being historical city Kozhikode has a very longstanding past. Formerly, Kozhikode was well-known as Calicut and was declared as the capital town of Malabar during the ruling period of Zamorins. And it was that period only when the city took the shape of main trading center where the trading got started in spices with Chinese, Arabs, Jews, Dutch and also Portuguese.


In 1498, Vasco De Gama came to this ancient town for the purpose of trading only. He came with the designation of representative from the Portugal. The city has gone through visit of many of the scholars as well as dignified personalities of that era. Among myriad of them, the main are Ibn Batuta, who specially mentioned the awesome lines for Kozhikode as “one of the great ports of the district of Malabar” and Batuta belonged to Morocco. Other than him, the place was visited by Ma Hung from China, Niccolo De Conti from Italy and Afanasy Nikitin from Russia. All of these explored Kozhikode for the trading purpose and addressed the place to be one of the best trading centers.


In 1604, Kozhikode was invaded by Dutch and continues their ruling period till the end of 1795. Then finally, British rulers conquered the town and got rid of them only after Independence in 1947.