Kozhippara Falls, Kozhikode, Kerala - Trekking, waterfall and scenic views

Waterfall, Trekking, Scenic, Picnic

Kozhippara Falls is situated in the Kakkadamporil area of Kozhikode and is the fall generated by the splitting of the River Kithradamphuza. Though the place is not commonly known but yes, it is one of the best attractions in Kozhikode district of Kerala. This site is too good for enjoying the whole day with your family and friends and the best pick for a day excursion. Other than natural charm, the water of Kozzhippara falls comprises of some chemicals which are quite helpful in curing some skin diseases. Trekking and swimming are the main charm of this falls. To sit and do chatting is the most-liked task by the people coming to this attractive place.

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