Kozhikode Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Kozhikode

Being coastal city, Kozhikode faces the wonderful weather throughout the year and has a tropical monsoon climate. Therefore, the place could be visited at anytime in the whole year but then also the most favorable time to visit the region is between September and May.


Summers in Kozhikode are hot, arid and humid and the temperature during this season revolves round 37°C to 39°C. Though the weather is warm at this time but still outdoor activities could be commenced. The months of the year that faces summer in Kozhikode are from March to May.


Winters in Kozhikode are not so shivering but quite pleasant for exploring the place. The temperature of Kozhikode falls to 15°C which is favorable and not so chilly. From March to May, the city undergoes through winter season.


Monsoons in Kozhikode face the heavy rainfall and is little bit risky to travel this place during this season. The months that bear heavy rainfall in Kozhikode falls in between June and September. But if someone wants to enjoy the festival eve then must make plan to visit this awesome place in either August or September.


The best time to visit this place is between October and February. At this moment of time in Kozhikode, the climate is at its peak and is an ideal time to enjoy the water sports at pristine beaches of the city.

Best Season : Sep - May. Temperature: Summer 20 to 37°C, Winter 15 to 33°C

Monthly Kozhikode Weather

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