Culture of Kolkata



Kolkata is the origin of cultural and tradition heritage. The citizen of Kolkata invites the people with affectionate welcome. Their affection inspires the tourist, to come again and again. The Bengalis used to get up in the early mornings and they involve themselves with cultural mediation. Their outfits will be superior in traditional cotton wares. The Bengali fashion of dress will be more colorful and special compare to other states.


Language and Religion

Kolkata is integrated with many languages, this stands as an example for their unity in diversity. Most of the peoples are under the Bengali language. In addition that languages Gujarati, Oriya, Urdu even Tamil are widely open in that state. Tourist can prefer the Hindi and English languages for better communication. Muslims and Hindus are living here without any breakup. The Majority of populations in this state are Hindus followed by Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and many.


Arts and Crafts

Kolkata is famous for its wall painting, fancy dolls and many. The Terracotta slabs and metal works are superior in this state. The ornaments with precious stones are the sample for its unique craft work. In this city, most of the things are made up of bamboo.


Local Festivals

Since this city is embraced with numerous religious, people are celebrating many festivals. Among that, Durga Pooja is one the famous carnival. Most of the tourists are coming here to celebrate this festival with drumbeats.  Dol Purnima indicates the devoted welcome to spring season. People used to spray the cold water during this festival. Kali Puja, Poila Baisakh and Nabobarsho are some of the fine gala in this city.