History of Kolkata


Archeological study of the area revealed the fact that the area nearer to the city had been rich in the human civilization even before the millions of years.   But with the evidence in the hand, it is being said that Kolkata City has been shaped at 1690 with the arrival of the British to the country and founded their settlement in the name of East India Company in the area accompanying three villages namely Kolikata, Sutanuti and Govindapur. Since this city situated near to the river which connects them directly to the Bay of Bengal, British carried out all their trading process through the river. This made them to give more importance to the city as such the village emerged as the city as the year passed by through the construction of the buildings and halls for the spending the living of the Britisher lavishly. They also have contributed large in English Education over this city.


During this period, the British government established the Railway line in order to connect the various parts of Kolkata from another city. They have used this city as one of their advantages over economic. Once upon a time of the 19th century, this city was separated by two separate cities called as White and Black town. The English government promoted the Industrial Exports and massive growth in Textiles.


After the Independence of India, this state falls out with the communist rule and also gradually decreases in its economic growth. The Communist party holds this state permanent with their strong influence and their movements. They are safeguarding the marvelous palace and temples with safety manner. They are promoting these monuments place as a tourist spot.