Marble Palace, Kolkata, West Bengal - Wonderful fort with stunning paintings on its wall and also houses a Mini Zoo

Scenic, Palace, Fort

Marble palace dreamed and brought into existence by the Rajendra Mullik in the year 1855, now turned out to be the popular place for the tourists to roam around. This fort represents the structural beauty of the nineteenth century and hence thought to be place for knowing the history and the architectural intellect of older people since it symbolizes the Chinese Pavilion in its originate. Entire fort is being covered with the marbles from floors to the walls which earned the name Marble Palace for the fort. It is the beautiful lawn along with pretty Zoo that adds further attraction to the place. The walls of the palace are being decorated with the stunning paintings of the Indo-European fusions. Ruben paintings have also contributes for the purpose such as 'The Marriage of St. Catherine' and 'The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian'. 

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